Everyday Theology with Rick Wadholm Jr.

The Christian church has struggled to interpret the Old Testament for centuries. How should the everyday Christian read this narrative? Today Aaron invites Rev. Rick Wadholm, Jr., Old Testament scholar and all around great guy, to teach us how to bridge the gap between the Old Testament and our context today. 

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Everyday Theology with Ben Lowe

This week we reach out to Ben Lowe, postgrad student in Environmental Sciences at the University of Florida, to discuss the American perception of climate change and the church’s role in creation care. Join us as we explore how common ground may be shared between political, moral and religious fields of study.

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Everyday Theology with Brad Lomenick

Whether we talk about leading, leadership, or even leaders, the concept of leadership has become a bit of a buzz word within the church world. When we think about leadership and leaders, what are we actually thinking about? In this episode, Aaron and Ben speak with Brad Lomenick, the founder of the Catalyst conference, about healthy ways to think about leadership. 

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Everyday Theology with Zack Tackett

How has theology affected the way that Christian engage within the church? This week we talk with Dr. Zachary Tackett about how theology has affected not just whether or not you could trick or treat on Halloween, but how theology in the past has played out in strange ways which can still hurt people today, especially women.

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Everyday Theology with Aimee Franklin

What is the brain and how does the way that we think about it matter? This week, Ben and Aaron speak with Dr. Aimee Franklin, Assistant Professor of Biology at Southeastern University, about the brain, mental health, sin, and more. Join us as we dive into thinking about what the brain is and how Christians should think about such a complex and enigmatic organ. 

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