January 21, 2020 Ray Allen

Engaging MLK’s Vision

The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. ought to endure and advance our culture today. On this special episode of Everyday Theology, Aaron sits down with Ray Allen, Director of Multicultural Affairs at Southeastern University, to discuss how the church should actively progress MLK’s dream beyond the holiday we recognize today.

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About the Author

Ray Allen My name is Ray Allen. I am married to Gwen Allen and we have 4 wonderful kids, Lincoln, Liberty, Charity, and Mercy. I am a 2 time graduate of Southeastern University and serve as a pastor with my local church in Lakeland. I am the Director of Student Conduct, oversee Diversity and Inclusion, and adjunct for the College of Christian Ministries and Religion. I enjoy learning and continuing to pursue educational opportunities. I believe that we can always grow from the things around us.