The Millennial Need for Mentorship

Guidance, knowledge, and wisdom as ongoing processes are critical elements within the dynamics of mentoring and discipling. In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus models a deeply personal style of leadership by investing into the lives of his disciples through empowerment and wise counsel. Similarly, how is the Church today to follow and continue this practice of mentoring and discipleship?

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Connecting Families

Families are close to God’s heart. Scripture reveals that from the very beginning God brought individuals together through family relationships. These relationships have great potential for demonstrating the love of God to the world, specifically when families join together in a church community. The necessity of these relationships makes it critical for the church to be intentional about helping families connect. How can our churches help families become better connected?

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Cultivating Real Community

With the connectedness of the online world, we can use social media as a platform for community, not as our only source, but as a support mechanism to be a catalyst for new friendships and connections. One can not negate the importance of social media but still must acknowledge the fact that it is not a mere one-for-one substitute for face-to-face community. How do you find the balance between your community online and your community in day-to-day life?

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Religious Media and the Christian

Media, as of late, has seemed to embrace religious, and sometimes even Christian elements within TV, movies and music. There has been a “resurgence” so to speak of media caring about religious subplots and overtones. However, is it really that media has really embraced religious expression, or is it doing what it has always done, intersect entertainment with life?

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Being Doubly Reconciled

Are we close enough with others to hear their cries for reconciliation with God and other people? Do we do the work of listening and allowing them to share about themselves more than we make assumptions about who they are for our convenient categories of description? Do we know what kind of reconciliation the Lord desires in our relationships?

Double reconciliation – to God and others – begets our response as we act as ambassadors for Christ, compelling the world to be reconciled to God.

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