The Honest Side of Ministry

Let’s face it. Social media is the language of our generation. Within the last decade, technological advancements have exploded to provide us all with the capacity to present the highlights of our lives, and access to the highlights of other people’s lives. The selective information we take in deeply affects the way we perceive not only ourselves and other people, but especially our perceptions of ministry. How can we maintain a healthy understanding of ministry in light of its glorified presentation in social media today?

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The Bigger Church

Nearly every week children in our churches are reminded that they are not a part of “big” church. Children are more than just little people to be taught about Jesus, but are valuable ministers in the Kingdom of Heaven. How do we as the church stop seeing children as a hinderance to ministry and more a part of the ministry?

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The Role of an Effective Church Member

In today’s world we have become so good at “just attending” church that the role of an effective church member has become diluted. There are many aspects of being an effective church member. However, Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 12 about the function of the body of Christ. This can help give us the framework of the characteristics of effective church membership.

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