Affirming Women in Modern Spirituality

The gospel writer Luke speaks of the Spirit coming upon all people … including women … that they may proclaim the prophetic word of God (Acts 2:17-18). Jesus authenticated women for leadership in ministry when he commended Mary of Bethany as she sat at his feet. In this post’s relevant discussion, Dr. Zach Tackett, professor at Southeastern University and ordained AG minister, unravels the significant and crucial role women play in Pentecostal circles while biblically endorsing their leadership in ministry.

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The Eschatology of Chips and Salsa: A Revelation from St. Jon the Stone

Have you ever stopped to think about when you should pray when you sit down to a nice Latina/o meal? Is it before the chips and salsa, or just before the entree comes out? This sometimes awkward quandary might actually show us something a bit deeper about how we think as Christians.

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