Cursing Christians

Christians have long stigmatized cursing. Often times we are so quick to dismiss what a person has to say because they employ language indicative of the ‘world’. But what if the problem isn’t as black and white as it is often made out to be. Perhaps there is more to language than just the words we do or do not speak. Perhaps there is something else that determines whether or not what we say honors God.

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The Return of the Shopping Cart

How often do you go to the grocery store and see shopping carts strewn about the parking lot in all sorts of unusual places? We don’t often think about the consequences of something as simple as failing to return a shopping cart. However, what if our decision to return, or not return, the shopping cart speaks to deeper sentiments we hold within our hearts?

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Spirit-Led Business

I believe we can think of our lives as an integration between physical and spiritual qualities. There is an all-important point to keep in mind in our discussion and that is that “God is a Spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24). However, in what ways can this understanding of God affect business decisions?

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