Actuating Environmental Stewardship

Theologically, stewardshipbelieves in humanity having an obligation to our earth; and, thus, expendingfirm energies in caring, protecting, and advocating for it (Gen. 2:15).Considering the dilemma of our current climate’s trajectory, should the church supportenvironmental action? In this week’s discussion, Esther Shemeth, student at SoutheasternUniversity, encourages a rationale that seeks to emphasize the biblical substantiation of sustainability.  

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ReReading Romans 13

Many Christians in our society are drawn to “law and order,” thinking that such a decisive and forceful approach will address problems of social and political corruption and confusion. Romans 13 is often misused as justification for this perception. In this week’s article, Dr. Chris Green, theology professor at Southeastern University, discusses several findings from Romans 13 commonly misunderstood and advocates that Christians believe not in law and order, but in the Spirit.

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Critique and the Church

Why does the church fear critique? Why do we seem so afraid of questions? The answers to these questions can be as varied as those who are being asked them. Whether it is the fear of being wrong, the fear that we have established practices or habits that are not healthy, or other inner issues that have not been dealt with, criticism is often deflected in many church settings. Join in this week’s discussion as Southeastern University professor Aaron Ross discusses the crucial element of critique and why it is needed to spark genuine church growth.

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