Worship and the Trinity

Often in Christian circles, we envision our worship as being an overflow of the Spirit’s abundance. However, there is nothing to the Spirit but the love that the Father and Son share. In this week’s discussion, an intricate perspective reveals the enigmatic Trinity in relation to our spiritual veneration.

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An Exploration of Biblical Commentary

For some, biblical commentaries might seem intimidating; however, they are just as essential spiritually for the individual as they are communally for the church. In this week’s feature, we explore achievable methods that will enable you to deepen your exegetical study by using commentaries. Through sharing these four simplified steps, we encourage you to stand upon your own researched findings instead of solely upon others’ thoughts.

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Looking Back to Forge Ahead

This year ECCLESIAM launches anew seeking to explore larger issues. Quite a few noteworthy things happened within the church and around the world this summer. What methods can the church employ to cultivate an accountability culture and a confessional environment that invites healing? From mental health to creativity to personal temptation from the pedestal of leadership, we seek to cover and provide pensive, theological, and biblical answers forward through the many struggles that currently confront the church.

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