The Bigger Church

Nearly every week children in our churches are reminded that they are not a part of “big” church. Children are more than just little people to be taught about Jesus, but are valuable ministers in the Kingdom of Heaven. How do we as the church stop seeing children as a hinderance to ministry and more a part of the ministry?

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Winning the Peace

“We must win the peace,” advocated the associate editor of the Pentecostal Herald in the wake of World War II. The writer’s concern was for those persons who became the rubble of war. With what seems to be the constant threat of terrorism, killings of civilians in the Middle East, and the atrocities of war, what does it mean for Christians to “win the peace” in a time where peace can be hard to come by?

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Worth and the Image of God

There is a trend within culture that seems to have infiltrated the church. Culture, especially here in the west, tends to equate one’s importance – and therefore their worth – with what they do, who they know, and how much power, money, or influence they may have. To see how this might have influenced the church, how many Christians do you think would rather meet with the Carl Lentz’s, Judah Smith’s, Matt Chandler’s, and Hillsong’s of today than people who are being prostituted, substance abusers, homeless, and those considered “worthless” by society? Don’t get me wrong, the ministries of the aforementioned are amazing and important to bringing people to Christ.

But should the influence, ministry, money, or power one has make his/her worth more or less than others?

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Less Tolerance | More Love

There is a vast dialogue in the public square between different people groups and the church about so many vast and complex issues. However, there is one concept that is heard over and over: we must learn to tolerate one another. But is tolerance the paradigm that we as Christians and members of a society and a culture can rely on?

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