Humble Church: Understanding the Church in Light of the Ascension

As the present church, this question is of upmost importance for us; how do we live out Christ’s ascension? The humility we see centering Christ’s ascension reveals that His crucifixion was an act of love, because even though Jesus knew that He was fully God, He intentionally rejected His own glory to serve humankind by becoming human. It is through this narrative of the ascension that we can get a clearer picture of what it means to be the church.

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The Bible and Archeology: A Young Discipline

People are amazed to discover how relatively young the field of biblical archaeology is. However, over 100 biblical individuals are already referenced in tangible archaeological findings, with perhaps another 200+ lesser known individuals possibly discovered through their seal imprints. So far the biblical text has been found to be a most remarkable text and certainly worthy of respect within archaeology.

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We’re All Going To Die

So often in our world and in our churches, we would much rather numb ourselves to the reality of sorrow and brokenness. As long as we stay busy enough, connected on social media, doing good things and generally having a positive outlook we can insulate ourselves from actually experiencing this important emotion of sorrow. However, sorrow and suffering is important for the church, for to suffer and have sorrow is to be like Christ. It is in these emotions we begin to empathize with the other, and love them more like Christ.

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