A Tribute to the Life and Legacy of Eugene Peterson

Yesterday, Eugene Peterson walked across the threshold of heaven’s gates. Many hearts are sorrowful and, at the same time, in awe at a life well lived. Eighty-five years, over 30 books authored, a meaningful vocation, a wonderful family and millions of lives were impacted through Peterson’s words on paper. Join in the discussion this week as we commemorate Peterson’s pivotal and faithful voice to numerous pastors, theologians, and leaders on the forefront of today’s Pentecostal movement.

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The Collision of Racism and Power in Society

While abuses of power are not equivalent to racism, institutionalized racism appears to stem from an abuse of power. The issue of racial oppression connects the misuse of leadership to marginalized, impoverished, and powerless groups in society. Join in the discussion this week as we reveal how the Bible calls people and societies to utilize their influence.

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Fostering Authentic Spirituality in the Church

How can we construct a healthy community that embraces dialogue upon spiritual questions we may not hold the answers to? Humility shifts the paradigm from appearing to know all spiritual answers into one that acknowledges God’s transcendence. In this week’s discussion, we expound upon the sacred art of questioning and why incorporating it is vital for developing an authentic functioning faith.

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