America’s Religion and the Democratic Election

Political theology, or sometimes called public theology, is a form of theological analysis that engages the social sphere from a theological perspective. One of the issues that has become evident in the last fifty years or so is that Christianity is not the only religion in town. Although America is a multi-religious nation, there is another quasi-religious dimension that sacralizes the democratic political system. That religion is what social theorists call civil religion. Have we, as Christ-followers, made the paradigm of civil religion the main expression of our Christianity in America?

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Christ’s Peace Amidst Politics

A heightened sense of anxiety over the outcome of the election appears a reasonable response given the high stakes involved. As American believers, we have long enjoyed the privilege of power and influence, a rare opportunity afforded to Christians throughout history. How should followers of Christ continue to deal with the anxiety of losing the illusion of political control?

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The Madness of Learning

There has been somewhat of a stigma that too much theological learning, too much questioning, or too much interaction with those who might question some orthodox beliefs will lead one to lose his/her faith. Sometimes Acts 26:24 is even cited poorly as an attempt to credit those claims. We recently asked Dr. Craig Keener, F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of Biblical Studies at Asbury Theological Seminary and author of over 20 books ranging from works for the church to dense theological tomes, how he understands the intersection of faith and learning.

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