The Book of Revelation and Hope for the Earth

Dominating at the box office and populating the best-seller lists, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic narratives have captured the attention and imagination of our present culture. The secular eschatologies (ideas on the “end” of all things) undergirding these plots combine a mixture of both despair and hope. Vivid imagery of the destruction of Earth fills the Book of Revelation; yet, there is a beautiful ecological hope found in this very same letter.

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Christ, Culture, and the University 5th Annual Lecture – Brian Zahnd

Join Brian Zahnd as he lectures at Southeastern University and the College of Christian Ministries and Religion’s 5th Annual Christ, Culture, and the University lecture on “Dylan, Dostoyevsky, and Terrence Malick: The Intersection of Faith and Art”

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The Role of an Effective Church Member

In today’s world we have become so good at “just attending” church that the role of an effective church member has become diluted. There are many aspects of being an effective church member. However, Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 12 about the function of the body of Christ. This can help give us the framework of the characteristics of effective church membership.

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