Should We Be Making Christian Movies?

Left Behind. Fireproof. War Room. The Shack. Chances are that most of us have seen at least one of these films or knows someone who has. What these movies have in common is that they all fall under the sub-genre of film known as “Christian” movies. While these may be enjoyable movies for some, not everyone shares this opinion. Join us as we hear a Christian filmmaker speak to the shortcomings of “Christian” movies and the potential that exists if we shift our perspectives on film.

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The Seasonal Cycle of Life

The analogy is often used of the four seasons representing the four stages of life. We also employ the word season when referring to a period of time that is markedly different than that which came before. The concept of the seasons is one that is intimately intertwined with our perceptions of the past, the present, and the future. How, then, should we as Christians reconcile the often difficult reality of seasons in our lives with the promises of Scripture?

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