Spring Cleaning: Skeletons in the Closet

We often conceal our vulnerabilities beneath the surface of a smiling countenance, curated social media or distinguished job title. Should we demand justice as Christians when we see hate crimes materialize without attending to the deeper issue? In this week’s article, Dr. Richard Harris, communication’s professor at Southeastern University and former (renounced) Grand Dragon of the Indiana KKK, discusses a seven step process in addressing the infirmities within us.

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The Burden (and Peace) of Jesus

“Jesus, I don’t see you like I used to. I don’t feel you as I did before. I can’t hear your voice.” Where are you!?” Often times, that is my prayer when I’m having a hard week and I have had to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. Jesus’ response to me is always a boldly stated “I’ve been here! Where have you been? I’ve been here waiting on you!” This week, Hazel Johnson, graduate student at Boston University, takes a look at how we as the church should think about the burdens we place on ourselves. How can we be both responsible, active Christians and rest in the peace of Christ at the same time?

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