3 Things You Didn’t Know About Patriarchy

The creation narrative in Genesis has long been used to justify patriarchy as God’s intended plan for humanity. However, a closer reading of the text belies such a reading, leaving us with very different conclusions with powerful implications for today. While there are sure to be many more, here are three facts about patriarchy in biblical perspective that point us closer to the reality of God’s mission for the world.

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Parkland in Perspective Part 2

In light of our responsibility to listen to those most affected by the Parkland shooting, how else should we respond to this type of injustice? It is necessary for us as Christians to allow the Holy Spirit to speak in the midst of these tragedies. Being proper vessels for the Spirit, however, depends on us understanding what exactly we are called to as bearers of the Spirit. Our vision for justice must be submitted to God’s vision if we are to demonstrate a proper Christian response.

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Parkland in Perspective Part 1

It has been nearly a month since the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida. While some may not have heard of Parkland until this event took place, for others it hit very close to home. In seeking to find a proper Christian response to this tragedy, then, perhaps it is the voices of those most affected that we should look to for advice.

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