Unity of the Spirit until Unity of the Mind

One does not need to remain invisible or passive to be Christlike in a community, nor does one need vehemently defend all beliefs that are passionately held. There is a better way to handle disagreement in a community. In this week’s post, Austin Spiller,graduate student at Southeastern University’s Divinity School, draws a relevant comparison between our firm understandings of taboo subjects and how we as believers communicate them with those we love. 

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The Significance of the Holy Spirit at Christmas

The biblical stories of Jesus’ birth aren’t there just to tell us about how Jesus happened to come into the world. They are there to remind us of Jesus identity. As the angels told the shepherds, Jesus was not just any baby; he is “the Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord” (Luke 2:11). In this week’s post, Andrew Gabriel, author and theologian, discusses the significance of the Holy Spirit during a time when its relevance is often forgotten amidst the busyness from the holiday season.

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The Church and the Other

The language we as the church often embody conveys that we have blocked those outside the faith versus inside the church by constructing unseen walls. How can this be so, if we claim to welcome all? In this week’s post, Jenna MacFarlane, senior at Southeastern University, addresses this imbalance within communities and how we as the church can develop healthier language in helping the Other feel authentic belonging.

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