Signs in Our Journey

Signs are helpful. They tell us where we are. They tell us where to turn. Have you ever made a wrong turn because there was no sign? Have you ever turned onto a road because of a sign but then wondered later if you made a wrong turn or missed a road sign somewhere along the way? Sometimes in life we make major decisions in complete confidence only to question those decisions down the road.

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Jesus, the Manger, and a Call to Action

In the season of Advent, it is fitting to think on and celebrate the birth of Christ. God’s message is woven through the story of Christmas, even down to the details of Christ’s birth in a stable. The story of Christ’s humble and unassuming birth paints a masterful painting of God’s love for the outcast and underprivileged. The story of the manger is much more than a yearly Bible reading or focus of a play, it is a call to action for all of those who claim to be followers of Christ.

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