John Crist, Sexual Harassment, and the Church

The current reports of Christian Comedian, Jon Crists’ manipulative behavior towards women has brought to light an important question for the Church: How are we to address situations of abuse and exploitation from within our own faith-learning community? This week Lauren Raley, religion professor at Southeastern University, discusses how we can confront issues of this importance before the entire community becomes affected.

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La Posada Sin Fronteras

Image of First Lady Pat Nixon shaking hands of Mexican citizens across the border fence at the dedication of Border Field State Park in 1971. National Archives and Records Administration.

Christmas should always be a time to pause and reflect on the meaning of Jesus birth. Cristina Maria Hernandez, a guest contributor and grad student at Boston University, reflects on both the story of the birth of Jesus and its meaning as she participated in La Posada Sin Fronteras, a Christmas celebration centered on the story of Mary, Joseph, and the birth of Jesus practiced in some latina/o countries.

This post is a part of a special series of posts from students at Boston University, Boston College, and These pieces are brought to you by our past student editor and now graduate student at Boston University, Hanna Larracas.

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A Gen Z-er’s Perspective on Privacy

Generation Z has grown up with technology as an integral part of their personal growth. Recent conversations on privacy in the digital age have caused many to question the nature of their relationship to technology. Join us as we hear from one Gen Z-er about their perspective on the types of private information we share online and how we should reframe our understanding if we want to develop real intimacy in our relationships as Christians.

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Controversy and the Christian Response

University campuses are buzzing, students have been moving in and getting settled, parents are either celebrating sending out their child into the wide world of academia or uncontrollably sobbing the inevitable empty nest and how “they grow up so fast”. For us here at ECCLESIAM, however, it means that summer break is over, professors are getting back into the swing of their teaching schedules, and quite a lot has happened over the summer that needs to be discussed, dissected, and parsed. With so much going on within the world and the church, what needs to be talked about?

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Stephen Fry, God, and the Church’s Response

Many people, especially those who are dealing with loss within their family due to sickness, natural disasters, accidents, and more, are trying to comprehend God in light of their experiences. This is the struggle we find in Fry’s comments. He is trying to take what he has heard from the Church and from Scripture and make sense of it in light of the evil and suffering we see around us all the time. How then can we as Christians respond to those who struggle with the reality of evil in our world today?

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Celebrating Death – Loving our Enemies

Recently, on November 25th, Fidel Castro, the revolutionary and long-standing political leader of Cuba, passed away. With such a political history, one that also included much persecution and pain for large groups of people, it should come as no surprise that there are people who are celebrating his death. However, as Christians, how are we supposed to react in times of death? Are we supposed to cheer on the death of those who are persecutors?

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Engaging Culture Through Missions

To understand missions, we need to understand how Jesus interacted with the cultures that surrounded Him. Did He embrace the culture, avoid contact with the culture, oppose the culture, or try to replace the culture of the people with the Kingdom of God culture? We need to be effective in our understanding of Jesus so that we can better steward the Kingdom of God here on earth.

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An Interview with Josh Porter from Showbread

“People who follow Jesus that make art are also thought of not being that creative, as in not really having anything honest to say.” With the release of their final album “Showbread is Showdead”, we here at ECCLESIAM got to catch up with Josh Porter from Showbread on his thoughts on the intersection of art and faith.

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Sadness and Joy – the Lament of “Inside Out”

Many well-meaning evangelicals have tried to sell the Gospel as if it will produce a problem-free life. The positivism of sanitized American Christianity struggles to grasp why the very spiritual King David wrote such negative words in his Psalms (granted there are many positive words, too). There is a place for lamenting and mourning in our lives, but it is not the end. In fact, lamenting is often an essential part of a journey that leads to emotional and spiritual health.

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