No Explanations Allowed

Have any of you been a little disappointed and frustrated by the condescension with which we are often treated by the news media, medical professionals, and even some preachers? Their expectations of us almost seem to be that we know very little and the “expert” is going to “enlighten” us. If we don’t learn to think on our own two feet and allow others to tell us what to think, might we even be destroyed by “experts” we allow to think for us?

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Knowing Our Stories through the Story of the Bible

“The stories that we construct are not a special way of perceiving the world or of making sense of everything we hear or read. It is the only way we can make sense of the world” The tighter we remain connected to the biblical story, our foundation, the greater will be our confidence and security that is found only in an obedient relationship with our Creator as expressed by the biblical story.

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Money, Wealth, and Following Christ

We must learn to reexamine our wealth in light of the cost of discipleship. No one who wishes to be a disciple of Jesus can negotiate the terms of discipleship no matter what the challenge to faithfulness might be. As we analyze our spiritual priorities, it is always a good thing to ask ourselves again: just what do we treasure above all things?

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