The Eschatology of Chips and Salsa: A Revelation from St. Jon the Stone

Have you ever stopped to think about when you should pray when you sit down to a nice Latina/o meal? Is it before the chips and salsa, or just before the entree comes out? This sometimes awkward quandary might actually show us something a bit deeper about how we think as Christians.

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Pentecostals, Millennials, and a Forecast of Scholarship

As the Pentecostal Movement has aged, those who identify themselves as Pentecostals have begun to create robust and distinctly Pentecostal theologies, hermeneutics, ethics, and more to help the movement navigate its ways through an ever shifting cultural ethos. To intertwine this unique and growing field of Pentecostal scholarship with the spirituality of the movement’s young Pentecostals will help create a bright future for the movement as we move further into the 21st century.

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The Book of Revelation and Hope for the Earth

Dominating at the box office and populating the best-seller lists, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic narratives have captured the attention and imagination of our present culture. The secular eschatologies (ideas on the “end” of all things) undergirding these plots combine a mixture of both despair and hope. Vivid imagery of the destruction of Earth fills the Book of Revelation; yet, there is a beautiful ecological hope found in this very same letter.

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