John Crist, Sexual Harassment, and the Church

The current reports of Christian Comedian, Jon Crists’ manipulative behavior towards women has brought to light an important question for the Church: How are we to address situations of abuse and exploitation from within our own faith-learning community? This week Lauren Raley, religion professor at Southeastern University, discusses how we can confront issues of this importance before the entire community becomes affected.

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#MeToo and the Church

In October 2017, an explosive movement of empowered voices swept through social media. Many watched in astonishment as seemingly endless stories and memories of sexual harassment, coercion, and assault emerged; others gathered strength and resolve in recognizing that they were not alone in their own experiences of abuse. The shared narrative of sexual violence emboldened survivors to tell their stories through an interconnected network of strength and solidarity, as millions of women and men collectively shouted: #MeToo. As the Church, we have an important role to play in response to this movement.

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