Stephen Hawking and Billy Graham’s Unlikely Legacy

Within the past two months, two preeminent figures of the 20th century passed away: Billy Graham and Stephen Hawking. The two may have represented very different camps, but within their respective worlds they occupied remarkably similar positions. As such, perhaps they leave us with a similar legacy which calls us to something greater than perpetuating the Christian/Atheist divide.

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Are You Not Entertained?

Since antiquity, human beings have been entertained by and seemingly infatuated with violence. For the Ancient Greeks and Romans this hunger would have been satiated by gladiator fights and tragic plays. Today, these forms of entertainment have been replaced by professional sports and violent films. While the modern equivalents are not perfect translations of these ancient activities, the parallels between them cannot be denied. How then should Christians respond to different representations of violence in all forms of entertainment? What duty do we have as Christ-followers in response to violent entertainment?

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