Cultivating Real Community

With the connectedness of the online world, we can use social media as a platform for community, not as our only source, but as a support mechanism to be a catalyst for new friendships and connections. One can not negate the importance of social media but still must acknowledge the fact that it is not a mere one-for-one substitute for face-to-face community. How do you find the balance between your community online and your community in day-to-day life?

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Daily Grace in Christian Life

We’ve all known a friend that uses the phrase, “Well, God will forgive me” right after they do something they know they shouldn’t have done. While the phrase is correct, this attitude can begin to create a “cheap grace” that doesn’t value the gift that was given to each of us. Grace is a serious subject matter in the life of a Christ follower. It should not be taken lightly but should be something that we value and embrace.

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