A Kingdom of Swords, Force, and Power on Earth

We know that the Kingdom of God remains a fundamental theme throughout Jesus’s entire ministry. An establishment of this Kingdom in the form of peace and justice is long awaited among the Old Testament prophets. But when power, prominence, and possessions threaten to characterize the kingdoms of the world today, how should the church react and renew Jesus’ missional intent?

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The Idolatry of a Political Messiah

Through the reading of the story of the 5,000 in John 6 we see that using Jesus to usher in the kingdom that we want leads to idolatrous ideology. The 5,000’s idolatry was redefining sonship by political means, making Jesus into a messiah they wanted, the very same ideology that we can fall into today. The integrity of the life of Christ lies in the means of his life, not just the goal. How he brings in the kingdom affects the very nature of the kingdom itself! How do we as the church understand and know Jesus without making his Messiahship and His Kingdom into what we want?

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