A Gen Z-er’s Perspective on Privacy

Generation Z has grown up with technology as an integral part of their personal growth. Recent conversations on privacy in the digital age have caused many to question the nature of their relationship to technology. Join us as we hear from one Gen Z-er about their perspective on the types of private information we share online and how we should reframe our understanding if we want to develop real intimacy in our relationships as Christians.

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A Prayer for Vegas

In the aftermath of the terrible events at Las Vegas this past week, calls rang out across America to pray for Vegas. As Pentecostals we believe in the transformative power of prayer. However, in times like these it is often difficult to put into words the full extent of what we are feeling or want to say. This is made especially difficult when there are issues requiring prayer and attention that have been plaguing our society for months now. We here at ECCLĒSIAM want to help you find your voice. The following prayer is inspired by the Prayer of St. Francis and reflects the situations which we find ourselves in today. We ask that you pray this prayer with us, meditating on its words and finding ways in which we can all put it into action.

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