ReReading Romans 13

Many Christians in our society are drawn to “law and order,” thinking that such a decisive and forceful approach will address problems of social and political corruption and confusion. Romans 13 is often misused as justification for this perception. In this week’s article, Dr. Chris Green, theology professor at Southeastern University, discusses several findings from Romans 13 commonly misunderstood and advocates that Christians believe not in law and order, but in the Spirit.

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Making Peace with the Warrior God

How are we to deal with certain brutalities found in the Old Testament? How do we know what is and isn’t worthy of God? The good news is that God means to put us in that difficult place. He means to save us not from interpretation but through it. Dr. Chris Green, professor at Southeastern University, provides four approaches on how Christians today should perceive and interpret God’s seemingly violent Old Testament acts in a rather confounding context.

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Worship and the Trinity

Often in Christian circles, we envision our worship as being an overflow of the Spirit’s abundance. However, there is nothing to the Spirit but the love that the Father and Son share. In this week’s discussion, an intricate perspective reveals the enigmatic Trinity in relation to our spiritual veneration.

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