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How Then Shall We Address Impeachment?

We should expect our politicians to extend a loving heart and concern for those who need a lifting hand. In our call for caring politicians, we as a community participate through our political commitments in lifting-up the whole of society. In this week’s post, Dr. Zachary Tackett, church history and theology professor at Southeastern University, discusses the modern impeachment relevance in today’s political climate and how we as believers might react in response.

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Engaging MLK’s Vision

FILE: The 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington on August 28, 1963 will be marked with remembrances and a march beginning on August 24.    MONTGOMERY, AL - MAY 13: Civil rights leader Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers a sermon on May 13, 1956 in Montgomery, Alabama. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

The legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. ought to endure and advance our culture today. On this special episode of Everyday Theology, Aaron sits down with Ray Allen, Director of Multicultural Affairs at Southeastern University, to discuss how the church should actively progress MLK’s dream beyond the holiday we recognize today.

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Lord, This is Your Year

It is a well-intentionedphrase, but one that some fear may cause more harm than good: “This is youryear!” In this week’s post, Rebecca Clark, graduate student at SoutheasternUniversity, discusses this common phrase often encountered in the church and,what instead, believers may celebrate as they ring in 2020. 

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Unity of the Spirit until Unity of the Mind

One does not need to remain invisible or passive to be Christlike in a community, nor does one need vehemently defend all beliefs that are passionately held. There is a better way to handle disagreement in a community. In this week’s post, Austin Spiller,graduate student at Southeastern University’s Divinity School, draws a relevant comparison between our firm understandings of taboo subjects and how we as believers communicate them with those we love. 

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The Significance of the Holy Spirit at Christmas

The biblical stories of Jesus’ birth aren’t there just to tell us about how Jesus happened to come into the world. They are there to remind us of Jesus identity. As the angels told the shepherds, Jesus was not just any baby; he is “the Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord” (Luke 2:11). In this week’s post, Andrew Gabriel, author and theologian, discusses the significance of the Holy Spirit during a time when its relevance is often forgotten amidst the busyness from the holiday season.

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The Church and the Other

The language we as the church often embody conveys that we have blocked those outside the faith versus inside the church by constructing unseen walls. How can this be so, if we claim to welcome all? In this week’s post, Jenna MacFarlane, senior at Southeastern University, addresses this imbalance within communities and how we as the church can develop healthier language in helping the Other feel authentic belonging.

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Everyday Ethics

Recognizing the state of our moral existence should help usbetter tackle, or at least better understand, the ethical issues that we face,especially those that we deem more personally important. Ethics surround oureveryday existence. In this week’s post, Yoon Shin,ethics professor at Southeastern University, discusses several steps for ethicaldecision-making when answers stray from being simply black or white.

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Why Pray?

The New Testament priority for prayer was adopted by the early church. Mark 1:35 records the pattern of Jesus’ ministry mentioned several other times in the Gospels: “The New Testament priority for prayer was adopted by the early church. Mark 1:35 records the pattern of Jesus’ ministry mentioned several other times in the Gospels: “And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.” The Incarnate Son of God made prayer a regular part of his life. In this week’s post, Dr. Ehler, Dean of Southeastern University’s college of theology and religion, discusses the posture of prayer and the significance it has in cultivating our relationship with God.

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Why Christian Pedagogy Matters

Education reform is one of those hot-button issues that nearly everyone has an opinion about. People from all different walks of life, political leanings, and faith backgrounds tend to agree that our education systems in the U.S., and in the West in general, need some significant improvements. This week, Jamin Metcalf, M. Ed. student, elaborates on a constructive reclaim of education’s core values within our capitalistic system and presents a renewed understanding of what these values should mean for modern pedagogy and Christian praxis.

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John Crist, Sexual Harassment, and the Church

The current reports of Christian Comedian, Jon Crists’ manipulative behavior towards women has brought to light an important question for the Church: How are we to address situations of abuse and exploitation from within our own faith-learning community? This week Lauren Raley, religion professor at Southeastern University, discusses how we can confront issues of this importance before the entire community becomes affected.

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